Pinch of Dirt recommends TikToks

"Sink into its depths like a 19th-century diver in a diving bell."

As some reader-friends may know, especially if I have their phone numbers, I’ve spent a not-inconsequential amount of time scrolling TikTok over the past year. (Then I delete the app and watch Reels on Instagram, but I’m telling you: That algorithm is some bullsh*t in comparison. If this is at all of interest to you, Kyle Chayka did a good newsletter-essay about TikTok’s superior discovery-scroll feature. “What I found is that you don’t just try TikTok; you immerse yourself in it,” Chayka writes. “You sink into its depths like a 19th-century diver in a diving bell.” Sounds accurate.)

Anyway, I’m in the middle of a challenging gauntlet of edits and feeling totally mentally and physically drained, so instead of writing a normal Pinch of Dirt, I’m going to link out to some categories/creators that might be of interest to my readers. Also, it’s a guilt-free excuse to scroll TikTok some more today.

Here we go. Unfortunately, this collection does not represent the best TikToks I’ve seen in all time, because I haven’t been ridiculous enough to save those. These are just the best I could find today.


Go learn how to make wild onion dip, redbud kombucha, and dandelion fritters, among other delicacies.


Watch this person make watercolors out of rocks. Very soothing.

Adventure cats

There’s no shortage of cat content on TikTok, including this backpacking kitty, and this one, and this one, and this one (the latter account claims to teach you how to take kitty hiking).

The anti-golfer

So you can learn why oil and gas companies spend so much of their ad dollars on recycling and why golf sucks.

Self-proclaimed eco-redneck

More urbanism/gardening, semi-hopeful climate change, and soil content.

More lawn-tok

Biodiversity for the win, or moss lawns. Also natural pools?


I’m a little obsessed with the idea of this “glassroots” recycling company in New Orleans and their terrazzo tiles.


Funny, educational, feeding wild (?) birds from a hand (is this ok?), and Audubon Society getting in on the memes.

Farm animals

Baby lambs and dancing with sheeps.

For the squirrel counters

Apparently this major newspaper has a squirrel photography contest?? I checked and this was not posted on April 1.

Influencers in the wild

Ok not all of these are in the actual wild, but some of them are.

Finally, thru-hikers

Always down for jokes about socks, cat holes, and ultralight hikers.

What’d I miss? Drop your favorite TikToks in the comments!

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