The mysterious 6th episode; Antarctic tourism; plant hardiness zones on the move; and more.

January 2023

Plus: The Ticketmaster of parks; 100 marathons in 100 days—for climate; & the end of wild camping in England?

November 2022

Long Path Sections 5 + part of 6: Mount Ivy to Lake Skannatati to 30 feet past the White Bar trailhead
Could this renewable energy project really pose an existential threat to the Dixie Valley toad?
Almost all of my feelings about running in one place.

July 2022

Is it brain fog, or do I just need a vacation?

June 2022

Long Path Sections 4 + 3: Mount Ivy to Long Clove to Nyack
Plus: An "environmental house of horrors"; Starlicide; Rachel Carson and the sea; keeping pigeons in NYC; and more

May 2022

The Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail

April 2022

Wildfires and thru-hikes, idle gardening, ecosexuality, and more.

March 2022

Plus: Europe's wild lions, where conspiracies and butterflies meet, on joyful movement, and more.

January 2022

Plus: Fake snow; the value of good surf; human rights abuses at Rikers; ruining the Vale of Cashmere; on gardening while Black; and more.