The Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail
Wildfires and thru-hikes, idle gardening, ecosexuality, and more.
Plus: Europe's wild lions, where conspiracies and butterflies meet, on joyful movement, and more.
Plus: Fake snow; the value of good surf; human rights abuses at Rikers; ruining the Vale of Cashmere; on gardening while Black; and more.
A mile a day, or close enough.
Also: the colors of home; the Great Salt Lake; the polar plunge; and more.
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Cohos Trail, Day Fourteen: Deer Mountain Campground to the Canadian Border
Cohos Trail, Day Thirteen: Tillotson Hut to Deer Mountain Campground
Cohos Trail, Day Twelve: Mountain View Cabins to Tillotson Hut
Cohos Trail, Day Eleven: Rudy's Cabins and Campgrounds to Mountain View Cabins
Cohos Trail, Day Ten: Panorama Shelter to Rudy's Cabins and Campgrounds